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Aspen Conducting Academy Orchestra conducted by Fergus McAlpine on Saturday, August 11, 2018 at Aspen Music Festival

Bird up (2018) for Orchestra

2 flutes; piccolo; 2 oboes; 2 clarinets; 2 bassoons; 4 French horns; 3 trumpets; 3 trombones; 1 tuba; timpani; 3 percussions; keyboard (piano, celesta); 1 harp; strings


Program note:


“Bird Up” encapsulates the composer’s perspective on the erratic nature of New York City, as seen through the lens of the bizarre and chaotic humor in the Eric Andre Show. Throughout several years of living in the absurd and unpredictable environment that is New York, the composer found that his skits were a clever match to the everyday unpredictability of the city. The skit that inspires this piece reflects the extreme end of the chaos that New Yorkers often encounter with a humorous twist, Eric Andre dresses up as a bird and confronts strangers on the street. The composer develops the piece around direct inspiration from the show, the primary motivic material of the piece is derived from the opening chords of the tv show. Incorporating this motive in several modes, the piece gradually transforms, reflecting the humor of the ever changing yet constantly absurd reality of the show and New York City.

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