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Ganggangsullae (2019)

Bokyung Byun, Guitar

Program note:

“Ganggangsullae” was written for my dear friend and inspiration Bokyung Byun for the first year of Sounding Board Project. Sounding Board is a collaborative project Bokyung and I began in the winter of 2018, hoping to make an environment for composers and guitarists to collaborate and enrich the repertoire of guitar music. I was fortunate enough spend about two years right next to Bokyung in LA and really learn her process of learning and performing music in the finest quality possible. I wanted to incorporate a Korean folk tune from the region Bokyung is from and Ganggangsullae is one of the most well-known tunes in the country. The piece is reminiscent of the theme and variation form to present Bokyung’s absolutely mind-blowing understanding and execution of guitar playing. I dedicate this piece to Bokyung Byun and thank her with all my heart for being the best friend anyone could ask for and the biggest inspiration and motivation for me and my music.

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