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On its way (2019)

Premiered by the Aspen Philharmonic Orchestra under Hugh Wolff, August 14, 2019 at Benedict Music Tent, Aspen

Program note:


“On Its Way” is an orchestra piece commissioned for the Jacob Druckman Prize of the Aspen Music Festival. This kinetic composition shows the vivid color of something often overlooked as grey and mundane: a life in transit, actions existing seemingly only for the purpose of a final destination. Pondering on the oversimplified idea of a final stop brings one to realize that the commute never stops—there is always something to wait for, always somewhere to be. Coupled with this year’s theme, “Being American”, the endless exploration towards a different, novel place is an element that is indelible in the history here. The work, and most importantly, the spirit of American composers show that the music here is no different than its history—it is one continuous path of evolution, never ceasing to find an ultimate conclusion. Striving to capture the beauty of movement, “On Its Way” brings excitement and energy to the wait.

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