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Juilliard Choreo-Comp Performance!

High Chaos in Mayfair (2015) is the product of my collaboration with the amazing dancer and choreographer, Joshua Guillemot-Rodgerson. We met as collaborators in the spring of this year, and through relentless brainstorming, exchanging ideas through facebook messages and texts and attending rehearsals for months, we have finally completed the work!!! (YES!!!) High Chaos in Mayfair will be performed as a part of Choreographers and Composers at Juilliard four times during this week. Three busy months went by without even having time to notice it, but I could not be happier with the final product of our collaboration. :)

I am also very excited to work with the talented dancers and musicians in my group. The dancers include Katerina Louise, Paige Borowski, Cassidy Spaedt, and Jack Ironstone. The music will be performed by Viola Chan, flute; Phillip Solomon, clarinet; Brandon Ilaw, vibraphone; Chelsea Kim, violin; and Keith Williams, cello with Robert Jay Garza III; conductor.

There will be six brand new pieces all created for this show! Please come and enjoy our creation on one of the following dates!

Thursday, November 19 - 7PM

Friday, November 20 - 6PM and 9PM

Saturday, November 21 - 2PM and 8PM

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