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The Dragon's Bamboo Flute (2022)

Technical Information:

flute and piano


Duration: 5'30"

Written for Dominique Kim

Dominique Kim, flute; Kuang-Hao Huang, piano 


Program Note:

"The Dragon's Bamboo" is a musical composition that draws its inspiration from the captivating Korean legend of Manpasikjeok. This ancient tale tells the story of a magical wind instrument that emerges in times of peril, bringing forth peace and prosperity to the land. The flute, known as "Manpasikjeok" meaning the instrument that calms all the waves, holds the power to protect a kingdom from invaders and bring tranquility when faced with trouble.


In this work, I sought to capture the essence of this enchanting legend, infusing it with an atmospheric and mysterious quality that pervades the entire composition. I believe that the symbolism of the magical flute and its ability to bring hope and optimism is especially relevant in today's world, where chaos and animosity often dominate.


"The Dragon's Bamboo" is a testament to the human longing for a sense of magic and wonder, reminding us of the profound impact that art and music can have on our lives. Through this collaboration, I have strived to create a piece that transcends boundaries and invites listeners to embark on a journey of imagination and reflection.


I would like to express my heartfelt gratitude to Dominique Kim for bringing this extraordinary project to fruition and for being an exceptional collaborator throughout. We aimed to instill a sense of hope and optimism, offering a respite from the challenges of our times.

– Nicky Sohn

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