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Unstoppables (2019)

Technical Information:

violin, viola, piano

Duration: 5'

Commissioned by the Alba Music Festival

Premiered [date]

Sonic Apricity


Program Note:

Unstoppables is a piece scored for violin, viola, and piano, and was commissioned as the winner of the William Thomas McKinley Commission Prize. This five minute piece is divided into one minute sections played without interruptions: “I. The Magic Pebbles”, “II. Shake”, “III. Pour”, “IV. Toss”, and “V. Enjoy the Scandalously Invigorating Scent!”. These titles are directly taken from the Downy website and are instructions on how to use Unstoppables, a scent enhancing product used during a wash cycle—a product that can, in a drastic degree, change people’s lives.


– Nicky Sohn

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