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Disco Ball (2020)

Technical Information:

flute, clarinet in B-flat, violin, cello, piano

Duration: 6'

To be premiered

Program Note:


Disco Ball was inspired by Justin Son’s original song with the same title. Justin has been one of the most influential people in my life as a brother, friend, and artist. His songs, especially the melodic and thematic materials have such an optimistic and positive sound quality to them. The opening gesture of the work was directly taken from his song, Disco Ball. The piece is mono-thematic with several variations and alternations in harmony, texture, and dynamic. Justin worked on his song during his time in Korea with me and working with him on his music was such a fond memory from the time. I began working on the piece a few weeks before he had to begin his military service in Korea. He and I used to speak nearly everyday, but this was not possible once he joined the army. Writing this work was a good compensation and made me feel that I was somehow in a conversation with him. This piece is also the first piece I wrote since moving to Houston.

– Nicky Sohn

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