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Elegy (2016)

Technical Information:

2 fls, 2 Bb cl, 1 Sop. Sax, 1 Bari. Sax,

2 F Hns, 2 C tpts, 1 Trb, 1 Euph, 1 Tba

Duration: 10'

Commissioned by the Project: 音 Sound 음 and Robert Heath, conductor

Performance: October 15, 2021, Lawrence University Symphonic Band and Wind Ensemble with Andrew Mast, conductor

Recording: Begin at 50:52

Program Note:

Elegy was written during the spring of 2016 in New York City for Project: 音 Sound 음. The piece was written for the remembrance of the Sewol Ferry accident in Korea. 295 people were killed due to this horrible accident and it was a big shock to everyone in Korea and also to the whole world. I heard this news while having my dinner at Hells Kitchen after a long day at Juilliard. Even though I did not know the individuals who died and were moaning on the TV, I felt such a strong connection, much stronger than any other disaster news of other country, mostly because they were speaking in my first language, Korean. I had wanted to write a piece for the victims for a long time, but I could not find a suitable ensemble for it. In the piece, a traditional Korean children’s tune is quoted. The theme gets juxtaposed in many different ways; a cantas firmus, a melodic line, and harmonic line. Towards the end of my process of my work, I also experienced a great loss in my family. My grandfather passed away and that actually was the first death in my family after I grew up enough to remember. I can admit that before that incident, I never truly understood what death meant. The piece started with the idea of my country’s great loss, but then it ended with a huge loss from my family. This piece has brought me a lot of emotional struggle as I was writing and it certainly was a very challenging piece for me. I dedicate this piece to every victim of the Sewol Ferry and also my dearest grandfather who I will always remember in my heart.

– Nicky Sohn

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