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The Fish Piece (2020)

Technical Information:

Version 1:

violin, viola, cello, bass, piano

Version 2:

clarinet, violin, cello, piano

Duration: 6'

Commissioned by The Citadelle Art Museum

Premiered May 3, 2022

Connor Chaikowsky, violin

Jun Lu, violin

Isabelle Nichols, cello

James Palmer, piano

Program Note:


The Fish Piece was written for Joseph Lee. I have worked with a number of different ensembles that include strings and piano, but never for this combination. This instrumentation is the most known for Schubert’s D. 677, the Trout Quintet. I wanted to take this opportunity to revisit the famous work, and see what I could do with some of the materials Schubert used in the theme and variations movement. Schubert has not been an easy composer for me. I have had a harder time appreciating his music and style, and I wanted to work on his theme with a little bit of wit and twist. Several direct quotes are used from Schubert’s original work throughout this piece.

– Nicky Sohn


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