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Moonrise Together, Sunrise Alone (2019)

Technical Information:

violin, piano

Duration: 7'

Commissioned by the Grace UnHae Kwon

Premiered by Grace UnHae Kwon, violin

Program Note:

Moonrise Together, Sunrise Alone is a piece commissioned by Grace UnHae Kwon and scored for violin and piano. Initially lonesome and chromatic, this vivid, lyrical composition illustrates a transition from dusk—a stage where one’s sorrow and baggage is magnified and most transparently felt—to daybreak—where such intrusive, negative, and parasitic thoughts are dissolved by the hopefulness of a new day light. As the piece progresses closer to dawn, the melodic range expands, inching away from bleakness and striding towards a more expressive and decorative sound. Unsurprisingly, however, a new day does not correct everything that is awry; as the piece ends, nothing is resolved but the individual’s internal tumult.


– Nicky Sohn

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