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Things to Avoid in Oranges (2017)

Technical Information:

2 celli, piano

Duration: 9'

Commissioned by the Avalon Music Consort

Premiered July 2017

Antonio Hallongren and Amalie Stalheim, celli

Thomas Rudberg, piano


Program Note:


The inspiration for Things to Avoid in Oranges came from the simplicity of eating an orange with a friend. This led me to discover that oranges are one of the only fruits that does not commonly cause allergic reactions. However, even in a harmless fruit, there are still obstacles to reach the juicy center. The outer peel, inner peel, and seeds all must be removed before enjoying the fruit. Like oranges, there are things to avoid in every relationship in life such as impatience, stubbornness, and petty arguments. Constant interruptions, cuts, and stealing of musical material by the two cellos and piano reflect this idea. Eventually the three instruments come together in an energetic and jubilant resolution. The piece was commissioned by and written for the Avalon Music Consort where I served as the composer-in-residence in the summer of 2017.


– Nicky Sohn

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